Your Value Added OEM Partner

Kennwu designs and manufactures complex custom rubber components out of a vast selection of common and custom formulated rubber materials.


Rubber Clamps

Piston / Seal Rings

Bushing / Isolators


Waterproof Seals


Bottle Cap Seals

Weather Strips

Finger Cots

Hoses / Tubes


Suction Cups

Your ODM service

You have a great idea at RUBBER / SILICONE parts, and may only having a part drawing, or still on napkin sketch. And you want to make it come true within budget and timeline, but you are not professional at RUBBER. Kennwu can solve all your concerns, from Product Design, Engineering, 3D Drawing, Mold Making, to Prototype and Sample Making.

  • Product Design
  • 3D Drawing
  • Mold Making
  • Sample Making

KENNWU way of 4D ODM

01. Define

When you bring us your ideas, whether is completely formulated or nascent thoughts, we discuss together and we provide our extensive expertise to enhance the idea and determine the optimal path and approach to make your dreams come true. We evaluate and ensure that our recommendations are technically feasible to meet the requirements and product specifications.

02. Develop

We develop concepts into products that meet both the original vision and the requirements. Our experienced team of Engineers, Designers, and R&D Experts are driven and commit to provide technical excellence and innovation. Our team able to create a prototype based on RUBBER and on building a RUBBER combination product requiring a massive to turn your ideas into reality.

03. Design

We focus on creating designs that relate to every facet, from function and visual requirements of your concept. Driven by your ideas, we utilize our passion and extensive experiences in working with RUBBER integrate the unique capabilities and properties of the material in the product concept and requirements. We will work with you to make 3D drawing, or you produce us your own 3D drawing.

04. Deliver

As the process transitions from development to production, we are one step closer to your dreams. And just as every design and project is different, each delivery process is also different. We offer a range of services that can be implement at any point in the process. These include production specification, prototyping for proof of concept or any compliances, tool building, high volume production runs, finishing and assembly.